“Don’t Let It Mess With What You’ve Naturally Got”

“Don’t Let It Mess With What You’ve Naturally Got”

I was one of those strange little only children, who learned how to keep myself busy by playing Monopoly (my favorite game in elementary school) by myself. How does one play Monopoly by oneself? You perfect the art of crafting completely different characters with unique identities to step into for each player’s move. In essence, you act…and, the game would only be fun if you can realistically believe that you are a different human being in every different player you pretend to be. It was awesome. So for one turn, I’d pretend to be an elderly person (and portray grandma), and then I’d play myself on the next turn (completely forgetting grandma’s strategy to buy St. Charles), then I’d move over and pretend to be a boy from school, etc. and that’s how I learned to keep myself busy for hours at a time. This play-acting has lent itself to a natural ease and grace in exploring different dimensions of people as an actor. I am fascinated with human beings – all different varieties and types. By high school, my best friends were used to me completely changing personas every few months as I explored in a rather method-like manner what it means to be an ________ type of teenager. Although I was in Drama class throughout high school, I was afflicted with an extreme shyness that only acting alleviated in social situations. It also helped me get out of a few traffic tickets.

By the time I went out on my first audition, the idea of “acting” was second nature. I booked my second audition ever and proceeded to have a lot more auditions, callbacks, bookings, etc. When I actively started engaging in acting school (as a way to pepper up my resume), my agent insisted on this piece of wisdom:

“Don’t let it mess with what you’ve naturally got!”


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