Heidi Beemer | Mars One Marstronaut

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Heidi is a first Lieutenant in the U.S. Army who not only has the knowledge to go to Mars, but the passion and inspirational spirit to move the world with her. Having spoken at SpaceX, graduated as a member of the 2010 NASA Ames Academy, and completed a Mars Desert Research Station rotation as Crew 99, Miss Beemer knows what it’ll take to get us into space and keep us alive out there. She has been interviewed by CNN, USA Today, and NPR news to name a few, but here’s why she’s a Featured Hero – as a young, powerful leader in a field where women have historically been underrepresented, Heidi strives to break new barriers and asks us all to go after our biggest dreams with full gusto!


Hear what she had to say when we caught up in West Hollywood…



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