I Am A World Citizen

The particular division of crews based on national identities have been brought up amongst Mars One candidates recently. A few of us simply do not fit entirely into one nation state (nor gender for that matter) in the typical cookie cutter way.

For instance, I am fully American according to my passport and birth certificate (born in L.A.), but I spent a few years living in another country where I learned to speak Mandarin Chinese and kept my fluency into my adult years. I know of other candidates as well as personal friends who are residents and naturalized in another country than the one they reside in. Some even have dual citizenships (Europe and U.S. or Asia for instance).

There is certainly an aspect of myself which feels born to break the artificial boundaries we have created amongst one another based on our political identities and that is also why Mars One’s mission to move beyond governments inspires me. It is a very pure endeavor for the sake of exploration alone and that step of boldness has always been rewarded in our past through our most passionate explorers, who opened new frontiers not only physically, but metaphorically by breaking the limits of what we previously thought was possible as an entire species.

I think the more we look at one another and find our commonalities, the more we are able to rise in our achievements as one human culture on the brink of our biggest step. When we step through this doorway, we will be doing so as a world citizen of Earth.


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