This is the first aspect which caught my eye regarding Mars One after the initial excitement about colonizing another planet on a one-way mission. Teamwork. It is the vital element if we are to succeed. It is also the deciding factor in which team will be chosen to depart for Mars in 2024. If one member were to drop out, the entire team of four would have to start over or be removed from the running. Dr. Norbert Kraft, the Chief Medical Officer selecting the marstronauts has already spoken several times publicly about the importance of our team dynamics if we are to leave for Mars together as a crew.

For me, I work and live in many teams that serve in different capacities and functions. My family is one team, while my work is another team. I may also be on a team with people that I share similar pursuits or hobbies with. Either way, it is realistic to understand that all of us operate not as independent entities but together relying on one  another in ways we are not always aware of. For instance, we are on a team by virtue of sharing the entire ecosystem we call Earth. Even if we do not consciously acknowledge our relationship, if someone on this team were to set off a nuclear bomb in their part of the world, it would definitely affect us wherever we are on the planet. By virtue of this inter-related causation at play, we must accept we are all on Team Earth.

Something I was lucky enough to learn from a relatively young age (24 years old at the time) is there is always a way to create a win-win. It does not mean someone has to lose in order for there to be a maximum number of good for everyone. It sounds idealistic, but I have not found our current solution requiring domination through force (aka ‘war’) to be the most effective alternative. The artificial environment created within the trainings showed me there were other vital possibilities that worked much better if we were truly committed to a solution that worked for everybody no matter what.

Through my involvement in the Leadership Practices for Worldworks, I learned to shift my personal perception that life owed me. In fact, I am here because I get to add value to life – not only for myself, but for everyone else as well. These practices weren’t just about feeling good within ourselves, they got to translate directly into real and tangible results. If my commitment was to transform the space of the world into giving and love, then it was directly correlated to the community service work my teams and I created and fulfilled upon. In this arena, every single human being on my team was important to the entire success of our ‘mission’. The team was as strong as the weakest link and we learned how to empower one another above and beyond ways we were able to do on our own.  This was the first time in my life I had an experience of what a powerful team of people can accomplish together in the world. It wasn’t always easy, and sometimes we did not like each other much, but it didn’t matter because we could count on one another and we did whatever it took to complete the job at hand we promised we would do. I still remember one of my last nights before completion in my first Leadership Team called OC 38 where I was up until dawn hand-finishing the kitchen we said we would donate to the Pacific Lodge Youth Services, a second-chance home for young boys who had been incarcerated. There were times we wanted to rip each other’s hair out but we got down to business because what mattered were other people who depended on us delivering. That is how I envision my Mars One team. Not necessarily that we’d want to tear each other’s hair out, but that at the end of the day – no matter what, we were all aware of the gravity of our final mission and that was more important than anything we can disagree upon amongst ourselves. In this capacity of service, I have found families of teams who I would go through Hell with.


Tell me about your team experiences – especially if you are a Mars One candidate!


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