The Human Experience

For awhile I’ve wanted to write a blog about being human. This is also where the appeal for acting came in – being able to explore the various paths offered through the art of self-creation. A human being has the potential to shift its own reality by choosing different perspectives. Have you noticed how an entire situation can change if you change your mind about it? I’ll give an example. Think about the last delicious meal you ate. How wonderful it felt to taste every bite as you swallowed it. Maybe it was a fancy meal of epic proportions, from your favorite restaurant. Or that incredible go-to when you’re starving and need something delivered that satisfies your hunger. Like Thai or Chinese. Well, what if I told you now to think about where the food came from? That you think about a cow or pig curdling in its own gangrene and that was the meat in your food. Or maybe the spinach in your meal was sprayed down with several different types of toxic pesticides. Or the way that soda is now causing havoc for your liver. That changes your thoughts, emotions, and entire experience regarding your last meal. This is what human beings do every day, moment-to-moment. We create our own experiences by creating how we choose to view any circumstance we’re in. Oftentimes, when enough of us come together to agree on a particular viewpoint, we can validate each other’s creation and that’s what we call a community. It is a beautiful way to exist since we always have free will and our options are unlimited. I have long ago realized there is no such thing as a “right” human being. In fact, the very stance of “right-ness” necessitates a “wrong-ness”, and that kind of perspective usually always creates an opposition. There’s some strange truth to the Buddhist wisdom of staying in the middle path, and avoiding those extremes unless we’d like to attract a bit of excitement! I find life to be enjoyable, for its own sake, and find that when the sharing of this joyful perspective creates even more of it in my own life. Everything about a human being is infectious, whether we agree or not, we are constantly infecting one another simply by being in existence. There are no passive observers in the game of life, just like in quantum physics, and our very existence affects anyone and everyone who we come into contact with. Some people say, we don’t even have to be in conscious contact with each other to affect one another such as in David Hawkins’ book Power vs. Force – that simply because we are one species, we can affect the whole, like the 100th monkey fable, or multiple discovery phenomenon. One rule of thumb that has worked effortlessly for me when making ethical decisions is to imagine 100,000 people doing the same thing that I’m about to do (or not do, sometimes). When presented in such a grand scale, it becomes easy to see which actions have merit personally, and which should be discarded. I find life to be an exploration that would be wasted in our temporary stay as a human being if we did not actively question and seek new answers for ourselves. Who are we – collectively and individually? Who can we become? Why are we alive? This last question touches on an ethereal doorway because it is creation itself. To choose our raison d’etre is to answer the most active question of a human being – every moment I exist, I am answering myself in eternity.

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