The Relationship Question

How My Girlfriend Cynthia Really Feels



Watching other candidates speak publicly I can’t help but ask, “How does their husband/wife/significant other truly feel?” Perhaps the public nature of this journey isn’t the most conducive to couples airing their private concerns but it’s nonetheless an inevitable topic of discussion. I have watched various candidates pronounce their engagements, and others who are married with children. I can’t help but feel the necessity to open up this aspect to the world at large because it has already significantly affected my relationship with my girlfriend.


I would love to hear from other Mars One candidates on how they are handling any conversations with their spouses or significant others. Feel free to leave your comments below. 


2 thoughts on “The Relationship Question

  1. I would love to discuss it with you. I won’t do it in public though. The effects of one of us being open and honest in full view of the public were not lost on me. The stance that my wife and I take in public is “Gee, this is thrilling and amazing and the whole family is very proud!” If that turns out not to be the case in private … well … you saw what happened when a candidate and his family were open and honest and someone decided to edit the tape.

    Feel free to email me for the unvarnished truth if you truly are interested. 🙂

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