Watch for Sue Ann on the new season of Morgan Spurlock’s Inside Man on CNN Friday June 10th “Space Exploration” episode! Here’s a behind-the-scenes preview with Sue Ann, Kenya, Jaymee, and Drew (Mars One candidates):

Sue Ann is on the newest season of Ancient Aliens – Episode 2 Destination Mars

Sue Ann co-hosting CESASC gala at UCLA:

Sue Ann Pien Hosting CESASC Gala at UCLA

2016 Updates:

Sue Ann Pien co-hosted the Chinese American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California gala at UCLA. Attendees included UCLA Chancellor Block and Nobel Laureate and U.S. Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu. This year, CESASC teamed up with the UCLA Grand Challenges: Sustainable L.A. to find sustainable solutions for the city of Los Angeles by 2050. She also went on Chinese show Golden Vintage Radio with Dr. Jeng Yen – the JPL engineer who drives all the Mars rovers (Spirit, Opportunity, & Curiosity)!

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