Sue Ann Pien is an American actress born and raised in Los Angeles of Chinese descent (aka ABC). Her acting and commercial residuals fund her filmmaking hobby nowadays. As a Mars One 100 candidate, she is actively involved in outreach work with the general public and schools regarding the colonization of Mars. Besides her personal passion for space, she’s an avid environmentalist. As a lifelong rock climber (first climbing Rai Ley Beach in Thailand in 2001), she’s looking forward to marking Yosemite off her climbing bucket list in 2017.

邊思恩 是一个美国女演员,出生并在洛杉矶的中国血统 (aka ABC) 。她的演艺和商业残余为她的电影制作爱好提供资金。作为火星100候选人,她积极参与与公众和学校关于火星殖民化的外展工作。除了她对空间的个人热情,她是一位积极的环保主义者。作为一个终身的攀岩运动员(2001年首次登山),她期待在2017年将优胜美地从她的登山者名单上划掉。

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